Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vloggers and Vlogging

For my photography class with Jordan Tate, I'm looking at popular (or not-so-popular) YouTube vloggers and distilling film stills from their posts. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite vloggers.

WheezyWaiter was my first "real" introduction to video blogging. I had actually started watching a series called Alex reads Twilight before that, which features Alex Day reading chapters of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight and giving his impressions (generally not favorable--I will write more about what I think about Twilight later). But I didn't really start actively following a vlogger until I discovered WheezyWaiter. From there I went on to watch Alex Day's other videos, and through his work with Worldvision, I discovered Frezned and Nanalew, as well as Alex's roomate Charlieissocoollike.

What I enjoy about these guys is that they're all from different countries, different continents, even, but they can collaborate on projects like Worldvision and Project for Awesome. Not to mention the healthy doses of humor they inject into their videos. Please note that the link to Project for Awesome only takes you to one of the many videos included in this YouTube-wide collaborations, so go check out more of them if you're interested in the project.

I realize that this post is already rife with things to click on, so while my subscription list is much, much longer than just the five mentioned here, I think I'll post again later with some of the newer people I've found on YouTube, and give whomever is reading this a chance to check out those five before I go throwing more in your direction.

But before I go, have something excellent:

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