Thursday, February 17, 2011

Working in my studio

Got to sit in on the graduate lunch with Curtis Mann today. I almost didn't go, I'm a little intimidated by the grad students... but I did, and I had the chocolate-est cookie I have ever eaten, and I got to listen to Curtis Mann talk about galleries, and networking, and writing artists' statements (or having other people write them for you). It was not quite what I expected--I guess I thought graduate students would ask more about theory, and the meaning of things. More debate and philosophy. But learning about the practical things is really good too. Curtis is very approachable and talkative, so asking anything always guarantees a good answer, even if it's not quite what you asked. Again, it was a privilege to have him come talk with us.

The work in the video above is for my advanced drawing class with Ryan Mulligan. This work focuses on self-portraiture through digital media, and the icons/ symbols that denote the digital world (i.e. the scroll bar, tabs, the photoshop toolbox, etc). The cardboard piece is definitely a work still in progress, I haven't worked this large in a long while.

The music is Love Lost by The Temper Trap, they have an excellent music video for that song that I found here. Booooooom is an excellent website for discovering new artists (visual and musical), click around and see what you find.

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