Sunday, February 20, 2011

Classmates and friends

Here are some people I go to school with (or rather, their blogs/ online portfolios/ etc):

Laura Fisher- photography.

Alex Hananel- comics and illustration (she hasn't updated here for a while but it is still a good collection of her work/ sketches/ doodles).

Chris Thompson- photography/ internet art.

Mauri Moskowitz- a little bit of everything, it seems.

Sheida Soleimani- photography.

Brent Lashley(often in collaboration with Rodniey Gustke and others)- video art/ painting.

Obviously I go to school with scores more people, all of whom are very talented in one way or another, but those are the ones I have websites/ blogs bookmarked for.

Here is the class blog for my intermediate digital photography class, upon which layer tennis matches and interesting articles are posted, among other things.

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