Monday, October 3, 2011

What I did on the Net today

As this is a usual schoolday, my Net time so far has been limited. Before English I scrolled through tumblr on my iPod Touch, but didn't get very far. Since class was canceled after we turned in our papers, I ran an errand and came back home to scroll further through tumblr while making soup for lunch. The soup was disappointing but tumblr delivered, as always. Someday I'll do an entry on tumblr specifically, but since that is a Nippert-stadium-sized can of worms, I'll leave it for now. Suffice to say, tumblr delivered as usual.

Since then I've quickly cleared out my deviantart watch list (rolling my eyes and wondering why I follow most of these artists but not actively doing anything to un-watch them), checked my email, checked my facebook (again, quickly attending to notifications and getting the hell out of there), and scanned the Swedish tabloid site Aftonbladet since my dad sent me a link to some article about a dog defending its wounded friend (heart-wrenching, but the effect is spoiled somewhat by pop-ups and blaring ads).

I'm in Internet Art class currently and we've been talking about artists: Duncan Alexander, Alain Barthelemy, and Jaime Martinez... as well as threeframes and if we don't, remember me.

Also, watching this video, which I have posted before but is still hilarious--it led us to this site, which reminds me of a video blogger I found when working on my screenshot project earlier in the year. It was a girl in her middle/ late teens making videos to Ke$ha songs that were clearly meant to be sexy and provocative but just came across as sort of sad and desperate--the videos are set in what looks like her grandmother's house, and she's trying so hard to be sexy but she's small and sort of childlike still and it's almost uncomfortable to watch.

I digress. I'll probably spend more time on tumblr before the day is out, and sort through my usual rounds of webcomics. But that's what I've been doing on the Net today.

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