Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I did on the Net today... so far.

Since I just woke up (and consequently slept through a Japanese test, heh), I've only had time to check my email, facebook, google plus, and tumblr (briefly). I'm currently flipping through all the pages of, and finding (happily) that I stopped doing most of the things mentioned in Junior High.

I did gchat with my dad (who is in Sweden) and my boyfriend (who is at work and bored). In English class last week, I heard one of the sophomore girls sitting behind me talk about how "nerdy" or "geeky" it was to chat on gchat, and I really wanted to turn around and ask her why. Instead, I opened my laptop and g-chatted with my boyfriend until the professor came in. How is gchat nerdier than facebook chat? What are the ranking hierarchies of nerdiness in chat programs? Where does AOL and chatroulette fall on the scale? Interesting. Maybe I'll make an online survey and ask people to rank chat programs from nerdy to totally hip.

Also, my English class (to quote Jillian Tamaki's Skim) is a goldfish tank of stupid.


  1. lol Good for you. Don't worry what other people say. I don't think gchat is geeky at all and rather convenient sometimes. I wouldn't know how to rate those programs but would be interested in seeing how they are all ranked. XD

  2. I wasn't really worried, per se. I was just curious to her reasoning (but also averse to actually entering into conversation with her).