Sunday, October 16, 2011

Art updates etc

Things I have been working on recently:

-a comic called Satin Passion, which is the remains of my failed 24-hour-comics endeavors (and which I work on when I have down time between classes, or something... it won't be done for a while, in other words)
-my 12-page comic for comics independent study, which will be autobiographical in nature
-work for my internet art class (in this case, gifs, which can be seen here... and my second project will involve YouTube videos and possibly helium-voice... and of course the What I Did on the Net Today posts)

Things I haven't been working on recently but are still in progress and that I'll return to eventually, sometime:

-my YouTube stills
-the small hand-bound non-sequitur sketchbook things I was doing for advanced drawing spring quarter
-writing and poetry

Things I am doing constantly:

-sketchbook stuff
-taking pictures with my cell phone, since it's the handiest camera I have

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