Sunday, June 12, 2011

Schooool's out!

Alice Cooper isn't quite right on this one, I've got a year left... but hey. Summer.

Things that will be happening this summer: I will continue making comics (albeit more sketchy, journal-y ones). I will maybe do some Japanese tutoring. My sister will be in a production of Rigoletto as a supernumerary actor. I will be co-curating a show with David Rosenthal of Prairie Gallery. I will be in a shadow cast for John Waters' Cry-Baby (I'm playing Dupree) in August.

DAAPworks this year was pretty spectacular. I'll just let you see for yourself. I tried to document as much as I could. (I'm so proud of the people who had comics, my friends Alex and David, as well as Dan--there have been comics as thesis projects in the past and these were by far the best I've seen).

Mike about to grope the comics display.

Carol Tyler (in the pink) organizing things.

Amanda reading our kramer's ergot pages.


Work by Alex Hananel (in the black frames).

Work by Laura Fisher.

Laura Fisher's photo booth.

Work by Dan Wolff.

Work by David Miranda-Klein.

Work by Jacob Riddle.

Work by Michelle Ulmer.

Work by Caitlin Robinson.

Work by Chris Thompson.

And of course there was so much more. I just didn't get pictures of it all.

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