Monday, May 30, 2011


So on Thursday internet artist Chris Collins came to DAAP to lead a collaborative workshop and to give a lecture. I attended both. For the workshop we used google sketchup to create virtual sculptures (mine is the gigantic pink thing with the cat head in the back):

Which we then sent to Chris to insert into a program called Unity which is used to create virtual spaces within games. While he was doing that, we created two google draw documents: one for the floor, and one for the sky. And we recorded some audio. I'm not going to tell you what song we sang, I'll leave that to you to figure out. The result is a virtual sculpture garden, complete with setting and ambiance. The download is available here for both PC and Mac.

A group of us went to lunch afterwards, and getting to sit around, eat sushi, and hear Chris describe his resume to Jordan Tate (who was to introduce him at the lecture later) was pretty sweet.

At the lecture Chris went through his work, all of which can be found here. I think I like this one best:

Just for the sheer ridiculousness. The Lion King one is pretty fantastic, too.

Click on all the links I've provided, each one leads to something amazing, I promise.

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