Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Storms and other impediments to my productivity

Things I am working on for the end of the quarter:

-my alternative processes photography books (hand-bound little things I'm still working on individual pages for)
-a paper on relational aesthetics, comics, and whether comics can be considered as such (I think they can) for visual arts concepts
-an ergot for comics
-a two-page color comic about a veteran I interviewed last week (also for comics)
-a statement of intent/ artist's statement for a show I might tentatively have at Semantics in the fall sometime (involving my YouTube stills that I am still slowly collecting and that can be viewed here)

It is once again pouring rain and it is distracting me from comic layouts. Mom called me earlier to tell me a big old front is moving in (again) and it's been spawning tornadoes (again).

Also I keep wanting to get up and dance to the music I'm listening to. Maybe I'm using the wrong playlist?

Here, have a tampon ad from the 70s or something. This is what my best friend Christina and I look like when we're biking around in a park. All the time. Forever.

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