Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer and my neighbors

insist on setting off firecrackers right when I'm engrossed in an episode of Spongebob.

Don't judge me.

We're getting the ball rolling on the show that will eventually be held at Prairie Gallery in Northside, starting to collect artists and whatnot--OSU apparently has an Art and Technology program, which I find very interesting.

I also start rehearsals for Cry-Baby tomorrow, my part is relatively small so it shouldn't take me long to get the blocking down, at least. The dancing is going to be tricky, it's really high-energy, with lots of jumping about and flailing.

Yeah, Johnny Depp is SO YOUNG in this movie, it's ridiculous.

I am continuously posting on my tumblr, I've been doing some more screenshots (this time with Mystery Science Theater 3000, a new obsession for me).

Some pencil sketches of the hosts of MST3K-- Joel Hodgson (bottom) and Mike Nelson (top).

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