Thursday, October 11, 2012

things that are happening

Hello. Hi. I'm Anjali. Nice to meet you. This is my blog.'s been a while, just thought I'd refresh your memory. I've been up to a limited number of things since the last time I posted. Here's a hint:

My first show as Frank is Saturday at midnight at the Esquire theater. Also that's my sister threatening to chew on my twelve-dollar wig.

I also have a piece up in the CCAC's Thunderdome show which is part of FotoFocus. It's a webcam performance video. I'll post the youtube link after the judging on Saturday, but here's a still:

...not terribly representative of the piece as a whole, but it's just one still.

Erm. I've also finally started to embroider on the comic pages my friend Alex Hananel gave me an eon ago. I'm going to mail those to her tomorrow.

...other than that, not a whole lot's been happening. I've been working on my Halloween costume (Michael Jackson, the "Bad" video outfit) and on my Frank costume (so. much. black-thread-on-black-fabric). That's it, more or less.

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