Monday, November 28, 2011

Liveblogging the Internet part 2

Spastic clicking mirrors my mental state this week. Open tabs at this very second: (in class, Internet Art, hi Jordan!): Sarah Leavitt Dot Com (she does comics), ephemerafriends on Etsy (watercolors of t-shirts on hangers, sweet jesus I want one), my UC email, Google+, Google music (it works so much better than soundcloud, huzzah!), Scratch Project Buttons (Danielle's project that we just critiqued), and this. The Blogger new post box. Thing.

Emails I have sent today: my submission to the Kindlin Quarterly. Emails I will send today: one to David, about the Hetero-Types show, and one to the BearCast web director guy, with my article.

People I have chatted with today: my dad, about UC admissions, and Quinn, about his job. I have also called the admissions office through my computer, which shouldn't blow my mind but kind of does. Also Christina, who is in Spain.

As I recently stated in my english paper about tumblr, the internet has a seamy, dark underbelly of porn and fetishes, and Jennifer Chan seems to dig it all out and slather on some feminist rhetoric. I like it. She's intense.

I like his main page. I feel like there should be a hamster running in it though.

Sierpinski triangles! Makes me think of YouTube vlogger ViHart.

Hell to the yes. Wish my math classes in high school had been better, so I could absorb more of this stuff.

Interneting while trying to record yourself interneting gets really cyclical, as Jordan pointed out. I'm typing about what I'm typing about what I'm typing about. I don't know if this is effective at all. I'm thinking about what I'm thinking about what I'm thinking. Urgh.

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