Saturday, March 19, 2011

SPACE Columbus

Goodness gracious me. I have so many people to talk about, I might have to do a whole second post on the comic artists whose work I got to see/ buy at SPACE.

Carol Tyler was there, of course, she was at the table with us and had her lovely books (You'll Never Know parts 1 and 2!) next to our sad little portfolios (next time I will DEFINITELY have some printed comics to give away or sell--the business cards were a wonderful idea). As it was, I managed to sell a few of my mini drawings, which I thought was neat since I hadn't intended to sell anything at SPACE and only brought my little box of mini drawings on a whim.

"The Boys" and "injury 1," examples of my tiny drawings. These are both about 2" x 2"--the image on your screen is presumably larger than the actual physical drawing. These are not the ones I sold, I have those scanned and hidden in a folder somewhere, eventually I'll find them and post them as well.

Along with the tiny drawings I had my final comic (featured in an older post) and some doodles and things from my advanced drawing class up. And I had my advanced drawing sketchbooks out. I scanned one of them, below are some of the pages.

These are not quite comics, I think, but I brought them along anyway. I have two more, which I will share later (there must be a faster way to scan them, sigh). I'm still working with the screen, and having multiple windows open (remember my photobooth self-portrait drawing), but in a less literal sense. And I get to make my own books by hand, which is always really fun.

I'll post tomorrow with a list of people I met/ got comics from, and with more pictures of the actual event (and of Columbus, we saw some sights that really cannot be described adequately in words). One last thing before I go, though... Gordon McAlpin of Multiplex was there, and I'm afraid I fangirled a little at his table for a while. Multiplex has great art AND great storytelling, definitely check it out.

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