Monday, February 21, 2011

Other blogs I follow

WhiteWhine- hilarity and a little guilt.

thisisn'thappiness- art design photography and disappointment. Sometimes NSFW.

If We Don't, Remember Me- gifs. Excellent excellent gifs. NSFW.

threeframes- more gifs. NSFW.

dearblankpleaseblank- letters with terribly valid questions.

a hint- fashion photography and film stills. NSFW.

Pizza Island- a studio of four lady comic artists.

Unhappy Hipsters- architecture and (hilarious) snark.

There are scores more but those are some I follow regularly. I have a completely different set linked to Google Reader (which is a wonderful tool for keeping up with several blogs and media outlets at the same time, by the way, if you have a gmail it takes only a minute to set it up and then you can just keep adding subscriptions as you find new blogs). I'll share those later, they are more specifically art/ photography/ architecture blogs. The ones listed here are just ones I enjoy.

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