Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I intern at Prairie Gallery under David Rosenthal, former photography professor at DAAP. The position is unpaid, but I get college credit.

This quarter I am helping out with a class he is teaching on fashion photography. We work with models and stylists, on location, with professional equipment. The clothes are presented by The Brush Factory.

Today we had our first on-location shoot in an abandoned can factory in Northside, and I took some shots of the students in action. It was cold, but it went well.

Model Nicole with the grey card.

Lights with umbrellas.

Model Kendall under a yellow gel light.

There were puddles of water everywhere.

Rosie from The Brush Factory in the cold.

I was the practice model for last week's class (so everyone could practice lighting techniques) and one of the students, Sharon, was nice enough to print out one of the photos she took of me.

Even though I'm technically in fine arts, I've always had this thing for fashion photography. Especially David Lachapelle. So this class is a learning opportunity for me as well, even though I'm mostly there to help with setup and technical difficulties and such.

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