Thursday, June 21, 2012

Graduation, DAAPworks, and things

So I graduated. Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati, Magna Cum Laude, Distinguished Honors. I think my final GPA was like 3.76 or something. I can never remember numbers.

DAAPworks went well, considering. I was on the committee so I helped out with space allotment, organization, installation and de-installation. De-install was the most interesting, since we managed to break the floor in the Meyers gallery with a badly-designed scaffold mishap. The gallery director Aaron was really cool about it though. Which was good because I was technically in charge when in happened, yikes.

But the opening was crowded and hot, and a bunch of people I didn't expect to come came. Before the crowds descended my dad and I took pictures with his really nice full-frame camera. So here. (Disclaimer, I didn't know how to set the white balance on his camera, so it was on auto. Meh.)

Fun fact: one of Dan's sculpture's legs broke off during install. He was able to glue it back, thank goodness.

I love Marty's 'I Get Money' print. Kind of want one.

I traded a drawing for one of Alana's bowls. She won one of the Director's Choice Awards.

Recognize the ceramic tile thing on the wall? It's from the electron microscope tour we made in winter! The artist was inspired by our investigations of the butterfly wing. That piece won a Director's Choice Award.


Danielle's work had to do with public/ private space and voyeurism.

The wall o' books also won a Director's Choice Award.

This is my work, as modeled by my lovely friend Nina.

The idea was that people would browse the pages on the wall. I'm not sure how many actually did.

This is only one of the galleries, the Reed Gallery. I didn't get time to gank dad's pictures of the Meyers Gallery before he flew off for India, but I'm sure if you Google DAAPworks 2012, you'll be able to find the official website, along with plenty of this year's seniors' blog entries.

This summer I have a studio at DAAP, until August 13. I'm mostly going to be painting and drawing in there, though perhaps I can use it as a setting for my gif work (which might end up turning into video work for fotofocus, I'm still wrestling with it).

I watched The Secret Garden yesterday (after having read the book a couple days ago) and drew these (crappy cell phone pics, I'll scan the drawings later):

Oddly enough, this is one case where I feel the movie is actually better than the book it's based on. Mostly because Frances Hodgson Burnett was quite racist, and there are a ton of really outdated ideas about how children develop in there. Same with A Little Princess. Oh well.

That's all the updates I have for now. I'm thinking of actually doing something productive, like dishes. Or I could just fart around on the Internet some more.

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