Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Gifs!

Hey everybody, I made some new gifs!

I'm still working on what exactly I want from these, and how to explain them to people who ask what I'm doing with my life. But in the meantime, go look!

Also, here are some websites that I really really enjoy:

Captain Awkward- an advice site with some of the best advice I've ever read, on everything from relationships to jobs to how to tell your roommates to do the dishes once in a while.

well alright- technically this is just some dude's tumblr where he posts short observations about his daily life... but man. dude is hilarious.

Skepchick- feminism! and science!

The Pervocracy- I have probably mentioned Holly Pervocracy before, but she has some of the best relationship advice ever, as well as guides to sex-positivity, disclosure about the kink community, and a series called "Cosmocking" which is fantastic. NSFW.

Also also, here are some pictures of me as a child that I recently found and scanned. They're from a nature hike led by my math teacher circa 5-6th grade.

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