Thursday, October 27, 2011

Audio Video Disco

Usually I don't write music reviews, preferring to listen and enjoy/ sing along rather than sit and analyze... but Justice's latest album Audio Video Disco has more or less changed my world. So I figured I would write about it.

To start off, the album flows wonderfully as a whole. I could listen to individual tracks like Civilization and On'n'on and New Lands endlessly by themselves (because they are bleeding fantastic), but put together it retains a wonderful overall sound.

The first track, Horsepower, does derive wonderfully from Justice's last album, †. It has that dark, grinding bassline and the thumping beats that we know and love. It is a good introduction to the album. However, the album takes off in new directions after that--the intro to Canon (tracks 4 and 5) is a lovely harpsichord melody that leads us into the more melodic main track of Canon.There is also more of a rock n roll quality to this album, overall--On'n'on (track 6) for example. Listening to New Lands (track 9) I am strongly reminded of the Moody Blues and Pink Floyd.

The single, Audio Video Disco, is the second-to-last track on the album and it really doesn't sound a whole lot like the rest of the album. It's good, but I still prefer Civilization and New Lands. I do enjoy the video, though--the editing is seamless and must have been very difficult.

I thought that this review would be longer, but I'm still so dazed by how amazing this album is that I don't know if I can write further without gushing like a fangirl. I'm just going to say go and listen to it, decide for yourself.

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