Saturday, August 13, 2011

My computer is home!

Yaaay! I had to have the logicboard thingie replaced, since it just up and died on me... but now I can post photos and write the rest of my proposal for the Prairie show and waste time on tumblr and watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 again!


As for artworks... I've been on vacation the last ten days or so, but I did do a little series of tiny ink drawings in my sketchbook as well as a schematic drawing of a sandwich. So eventually I suppose I'll get around to scanning those and posting them. I also took a good many pictures, but with a film camera. I did take some digital images with my cell phone and with my dad's full-frame Nikon, but I have to go through them and edit them so they'll follow in another post.

Work for the show (which might be called something like Hetero-types) is progressing, artists are being collected and negotiated with, I'm meeting with David Rosenthal on Monday to discuss things.

Tonight is The Denton Affair's production of Cry-Baby, which hopefully will be a great time. We've done a pretty good job with costumes and props, I think. I made a car muffler out of a giftwrap tube and some cardboard yesterday and I even figured out how to make my hair do this:

Following are some pictures from my cell phone that I did get uploaded, but more will follow (and be posted on my tumblr, which is slightly more active than this blog, hah).

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