Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I don't usually use this font. I grew up with times new roman. And the font that I usually use on this blog just seems to fit it, somehow. (I can't quite remember the name at the moment though.)

But I just watched the documentary Helvetica (2007). It's about the birth and usage of this (some would say) all-purpose font. It features interviews with various designers, those who make type and those who work with it, and their opinions on the ubiquitous Helvetica. 

Now I'm not a designer. I doubt I will ever develop my own font (at least, on a computer). But for comics, reading up on lettering and type is incredibly helpful when it comes to writing your dialogue or narration or what have you. So I suggest that all my comics friends give this documentary a look-see (it's only 80 minutes long and available for instant play on netflix), just for your own lettering education.

Heading into the darkroom to do some van dyke brown printing soon. Hopefully I'll achieve some results worth sharing.

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