Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Photo of the Day

What I bought at Half-Price Books in Columbus: Wimbledon Green by Seth and Ghost World by Daniel Clowes. (I thought I should have my own copy rather than taking out the library's copy all quarter again).

Wimbledon Green is typical Seth, the style and storytelling are, but the tone is a little more lighthearted, more like an old-fashioned cartoon romp through a story rather than the usual melancholy dwelling on a memory. Not that I object to that in Seth comics, au contraire, I relate to it a good deal. But it's a good change from his usual. And he actually apologizes for it in the introductory letter, that the drawings aren't as pristine as they usually are because this started as a sketchbook project, hastily done, etc etc...

I want to sit Seth down and tell him it's okay to come across as human in his comics. Maybe I'll write him a letter.

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