Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Had the last shoot with the Prairie fashion class today, at a bar called the Comet, down past Northside on Hamilton. It had a neat interior, if a little dark. Most of the time I shot with David Rosenthal's (full-frame, JEALOUS) camera, so I didn't get too many pictures on my Nikon D60, but I did get some nice ones of just the interior and stuff, so I thought I'd post those.

Got ONE with Courtney. This shoot was sort of Victorian/ Edwardian inspired, with some antique pieces amongst the garments... not sure which ones though. Sad I didn't get any of Nicole, she had a really lovely high-collar top with lace and things. Oh well.

For the rest of this quarter I'll be assisting with more administrative/ organizational things at Prairie, like class organization and sorting/ editing photos, so there won't be that many more photos coming from that direction. But now that I'm in alternative processes with Janie Stevens, I should be making some interesting digital/ traditional work.

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