Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fashion Photography

So yesterday the fashion photography class at Prairie Gallery had a giant shoot with student designers from DAAP (all of whom brought two models each). There were eleven designers and there are eleven students in the class, so theoretically each student would have been paired with one designer and her models. But of course that is not what happened.

A little more than half the class showed, so each photographer had to shoot two, if not three sets of designs, and I ended up jumping in with my camera as well. We worked upstairs in the gallery as well as downstairs at Take the Cake, and it was a fashion madhouse, with models, stylists, designers, photographers, cameras, lights, and super-experimental clothes everywhere. We were low on lights so we had to wait turns for them. I shot three designers, two models each. They all had different themes like abstraction, dreamcatchers, and weirdo-outsider ravers. It was fun/ exhausting, and I think I have a good idea of why I'm not getting into the fashion industry (at least not in the first hand)... but I did get some really nice shots. The models were a fun bunch, some more comfortable than others.

None of the following photos are edited or color balanced yet.

The first batch, called "Abstraction."

I thought the girl really looked like Lady Gaga. Not a bad thing.
I loved that green diagonal from her right up to his left.

The next batch was based on Dreamcatchers.

These two were really fun, they knew each other which really helped the interaction.

The last one was the most interesting, it had light-up elements and I loved the look of the female model. It was supposed to be a sort of "society of the weirdos" thing.

The frills on her back? Yeah they're fiber optics. And his jacket is lined with them as well.

And that's it. I took about 250 photographs, though of course only a few are really usable/awesome...

The next class will be on photoshop techniques, so no shots from that class. Still, I might learn some more color balancing things, I definitely still need to work on that.

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