Friday, February 25, 2011

More old(ish) work

These are from 4x5 b/w photography last quarter with Jordan Tate. The series dealt with fandom and the use of cosplay as an identity--I was inspired by Elena Dorfman's work and her series Fandomania. I started with the Rocky Horror Picture Show but then expanded the concept to include anime and scifi/ fantasy fandoms. After taking pictures of people who cosplayed or identified themselves as part of a fandom, I printed the black and white images and sewed their "costumes" back on them. I ended up displaying only the back of the images to further emphasize both the use of a cosplay character as a surrogate identity, and to suggest the "behind-the-scenes" quality of home-made costumes.

See how many fandoms you recognize in the images below. Some are part of the same fandom.

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