Monday, February 28, 2011

Local Gallery


Contemporary Space 13 (CS13) is a local gallery in Over the Rhine run and financed by artists, for artists. Their focus on local artists is a huge plus, so helpful for students and recent grads who might need exposure but don't feel ready for bigger, "shinier" galleries. On their website (their myspace page) they state,
CS13 is a modest effort to initiate and facilitate a broad creative dialogue, to encourage positive lifestyles, and to forge an engaged community. To this end, CS13 creates publications and offers a space for the arts to interact by hosting poetry readings, art/visual culture shows, lectures, workshops, book discussions, concerts, theater and dance events. All are welcome to contribute.
They also keep a facebook page, which has photos up of their recent shows/ performances. Click here for that.

The space looks open and versatile, and were I ever to get a body of work together (or be part of a group show) I would definitely show there. They do not only host art shows, but also local bands, solo artists, even drag shows, and it definitely gives them a presence in the community that way.

Their latest show, "The Today Show."

Definitely check them out, they both embrace and transcend the label "local gallery."

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