Monday, February 28, 2011

Classmates and friends part 2

Caitlin Robinson- working with digital images, the internet as a backdrop to image-making and image-sharing. In intermediate digital photography she is currently working on creating physical "pixels" out of white-painted little blocks of wood. She said she is planning to paint them in pantone colors and lay them out, and invite people to edit the photograph, i.e. play with the blocks. A brilliant translation of the digital to the tangible, I think. Her thesis work is dealing with google searches, and the translation of those into images that convey the same concept.

Laura Fisher- haunting black and white images, a sensitivity for expression and an undercurrent of melancholy. I don't know if I really have the words to express what her work is all about. It's focused and intense and just a little bit sad, just like Laura herself.(Her thesis work is here.)

Martin Rossman- strong architectural photography, in film and in digital, in color and in black and white. Marty's work is about place and community, and the presence of people even when there isn't a figure in sight. Some of his work reads almost as film stills, others more as chronicles of the passing of time. His large-scale photo "mosaics" (I hesitate to use that word because they more like puzzles than anything else) especially speak to the broken-down places he photographs. (His flickr stream is here.)

Today I focused mainly on photographers. I'll come back and do a third round with comic artists, sculptors and painters.

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